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Have Horse Will Travel



Two words…

  • Horse Camp
  • Trail Ride
  • Overnight Stabling

Okay, so that was technically six words but you get the idea.

Happy Trails...

How many of you are planning on going camping with your horses this summer?
While doing research for our special summer travel section for the next few editions of Horse Digest, we realized that there are a lot of horse trails, horse camps, and overnight stabling accommodations, that each state offers.   Regardless of where you live you should be within   short driving distance for a great trail or horse camp experience.

Recently we loaded up five horses, our neighbors and a couple of their boys, and took off for an adventure. The original destination was Forrestville State Park near Preston, Minnesota. Forrestville has 14 miles of trail, campground with water, tie rails and showers available at non-horse campground.

Since it was supposed to rain later in the day the plans were changed and the gang headed off to Pilot Knob in northern Iowa, 4 miles East of Forest City. Pilot Knob has 700 acres, 8 miles of trail, no camping. Perfect for a day trip and much closer to where we live.

A   water wagon is available in the park for use in the Wilderness   parking area for watering horses. Riders need to bring their own bucket. It is removed in the Fall. A porta potty is also available in the Wilderness Area parking lot during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Call 641-581-4835 or 515-582-4835   for more information.

For more information on Forrestville, call: 507-352-5111   or call   1-800-246-2267 for Horse Camp Reservations.

We will have more information in the next edition of Horse Digest to help you plan your summer equine getaways, so stay tuned. Happy trails everyone.