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Hoofprints on Hearts Winners




The lucky winner of this lovely horse pendant is ~Barbara~ who’s horse, NED, left a hoofprint on her heart…

NED. He was a cute short draft cross, who’s legs were too short for his body. But he learned self carriage and became as beautiful as any dressage horse. He was not brave and needed time to think about things before he would just do them ““ like go into a trailer. We lost Ned in a barn fire. He just didn’t have the time to think about it and allow himself to be led from the barn.



And the lucky winner of these pretty hoofprint earrings is ~RHONDA~ who’s horse, Dinky, left a hoofprint on her heart…

Dinky”¦geesh saying his name brings tears to my eyes. A Quarter Horse stallion I bought from a friend for $1 that carried me thru barrel racing, pole bending, western pleasure, jumping and endurance. Whatever I felt like doing that day Dinky was always up to the task. Due to his amazingly calm disposition we used him for lessons, nothing would boost a scared child’s confidence when you say “you just rode a STALLION!”. Dinky would walk, jog, lope and whoa on voice command so it was easy for the kids to ride him in and out of the arena. He touched so many lives, now when I see those kids he gave lessons to and they are transitioning into successful well adjusted adults I have to think Dink had a little something to do with that :) Sadly August 2007 the barn caught fire and I lost my best friend along with 40 plus other horses, it was the worst day of my life and I relived that day over and over for years due to PTSD. I’ve had no contact with horses because of this, it was just too hard. Last year I met my fiance who has a heart as big as the world and for my birthday he bought me a 2year old blue roan Quarter horse stallion and you know what?? He has that same “˜can do’ attitude Dink had and it doesn’t hurt anymore when I think of Dink. I’ll never forget my best friend I lost so tragically but Tripp is helping me move on with my life although he may not realise it. Life is once again best viewed thru the ears of a horse”¦thank you Tripp and thank you D.


These entries were chosen using   Randomly, both winners lost their loved ones to fires.   Our hearts & thoughts go out to you.   Thank you all for sharing your beautiful stories of love, trust, adventure and companionship with your horses.


With Love,

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