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Barbra Schulte

Personal Power is in the Now, by Barbra Schulte



5092_1070548249250_6407257_nHave you ever been anxious about how an event might turn out? I have.

Have you ever been aggravated about something someone said, or something that just happened? Oh, baby! I have.   Have you ever heard the thought that our personal power is in the moment?   The “now”? I have.   I strive to stay there. Being in the now takes focus, and peace, and patience. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. But, I always know that the present moment is the place to be.   What that means, is when you ride, no matter what has happened before, or what you hope might be coming down the pike in the future, your job is in this very moment … right here, and right now.  This moment is all there is, even though it can be a challenge to stay anchored in the now.   When you do stay in the present by breathing … focusing on your job … seeing good outcomes in your mind just prior to taking action … it takes all the pressure off of things that are out of your control that either happened before, or you fear may happen soon.

Here’s the deal … when you digress into the past, or project into the future, challenges appear.   Fear is always about the future. Unless you are a genie in a bottle, you do not know what the future holds. And truly, it is not your job to know.  Your job is this present moment.

Anger is always about the past. It’s about trying to right some wrong that’s already happened.   However, the event is over, done, complete. Nothing you, or anyone else can do right now will change it.  Anger depletes your personal power in the moment.  If you feel you must right the wrong in some manner, wait until your current riding time is done. Do not distract yourself with something that can be dealt with in its own appropriate time and place … later.  There’s always time … no matter how revved up you are right now … there’s time to resolve it later.   Get back to the moment.

Life and riding is a string of current right-nows. Keep riding where the good stuff lies … in this moment.

Adapted from Barbra Schulte’s October 2013 Newsletter, Barbra Schulte | 2000 South Market Street, Suite 219 | Brenham | TX | 77833

“Be thankful for the ability to throw a leg over and ride!”

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