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Barbra Schulte

All you need to do is Listen, by Barbra Schulte



Barbra Schulte

Barbra Schulte


Whispers … Volume #14

Have you ever had a hunch … a quiet, soft, whispered thought that seemed to “pop up” in your head?

I bet you have! Hunches are those ideas that seem to come from “nowhere” and feel oh so good.

It’s intuition.

Your intuition is a whisper of the heart.

If you listen to it, it can lead you to your perfect next step … not your best friend’s next step, but your personalized, monogrammed next step that is just right for you.

Or, it can warn you of harm, maybe on a trail … stay aware!

Or, it can comfort you that all is well in the middle of external chaos that’s swirling all around you.

As you welcome this sweet awareness with open arms, you’ll feel a wonderful personal support … an inner compass. It just requires your willingness to go with it.

With your horse your intuition might lead you to check on a sick horse in the middle of the night, or give you just the right “knowing” that your horse is ready to show.

As you listen more and more to these soft whispers you will feel peace as you trust this source of personalized guidance.

These whispers are little God winks to help you on your way. All you need to do is listen, trust, have the courage to follow them … and experience all the good that is meant just for you.

Keep on moving and conditioning your body. Riding is such a wonderful motivation for that!About the Author  Barbra Schulte is a personal performance  coach for all riders, a cutting horse trainer,  author, speaker, and clinician.


What is your ‘mantra’? How do you react to your gut feelings?

We enjoy hearing from you!


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