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APC, Inc. Builds A Winning Team



by Jennifer Fjelstad

As with any team you hope to build a winning one, and the way to do that is to stack it with strong team members.  Since early 2014, APC, Inc., has been recruiting top performers in the industry who use LIFELINE® Equine Performance Supplements to be a part of Team LIFELINE with the hopes that team members would spread the word about the benefits they have seen using the supplements.

One member of this winning team is Ron Emmons, who is based in Ione, California. Ron grew up on a ranch in Lompoc, California, starting colts on area ranches. His family consisted of farmers and ranchers and his father was well-respected among the community.  Ron

Ron Emmons

Ron Emmons

has always had a passion for horses.  He started in the paint horse industry and has built a successful career in the show pen, most recently with Olena Oak.  Ron and Olena Oak have won over $300,000, making Olena Oak the National Reined Cow Horse Association’s number one money-earning horse. This is in addition to several other awards over the past years to include: NRCHA Hackamore Champion 2013, NRCHA Derby Champion 2011, Bridle Spectacular Derby 2011, Snaffle Bit Futurity finalist every year from 2011 to current year, Magnificent 7 Champion 2010 & 2011, AQHA Jr Cow Horse 2007 and AQHA Senior Cow Horse 2008. Ron also won the NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman title in 2012 and 2013.

When I approached Ron about his experience with LIFELINE Equine Performance Supplements and how he learned about them, his story was similar to what I’ve heard from others.  As trainers they are approached continuously to try products. He learned from the LIFELINE Equine sales representative that large dairies use nutritional supplements from similar plasma-based ingredients. Growing up on a large ranch operation, Ron knows the importance of keeping cattle and livestock in peak condition.  Whether it is in hope of getting the best market dollar for them or the best performance from them, health is the foundation for the results.  He has a great amount of respect for the operators of these large facilities due to the amount of knowledge and precision they put into their feeding programs.  Therefore, when he was approached to sample the equine version of the plasma-based supplement, he decided it would be worth giving it a try.

Ron has never been a big advocate of using supplements with his horses.  “Clean water, good feed and exercise, along with avoiding fatigue” have been the main components in his program of winning horses.  Ron’s story is a little different in the sense that he didn’t have a specific issue to resolve or a change that he was hoping to see when he was introduced to LIFELINE.

Ron tried LIFELINE Equine Elite for 30 days on a normal, healthy horse in his training program. This horse had no issues that needed to be resolved. About half-way through the 30 days, he noticed that his horse started to “bloom”.  Although this horse was already a strong, healthy horse, it was like LIFELINE just put the finishing coat on it.  Ron has continued to promote LIFELINE Equine Elite throughout his program.  Just like all barns, not all of his customers desire to use a supplement.  However, when people can see an obvious result on a horse, it sparks the curiosity in others. According to Ron, “we all just want our horses to feel good, look good and perform well.  It’s refreshing when you can wade through the murky waters filled with supplements and enhancements to find a product that simply does what it says.”

Ron currently has his own horses on LIFELINE Equine Elite product and several of his customers’ horses on it.  He plans to continue promoting this product, which has proven itself, throughout his program.

LIFELINE - Watch them thrive

LIFELINE – Watch them thrive



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