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April 2021 – Performance Horse Digest



Performance Horse Digest - April 2-21

Performance Horse Digest – April 2-21

★ Performance Horse Digest ★ Tips for Novice to Serious Competitors ★ Featuring top trainers and competitors in the industry!

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Performance Horse Digest – Featuring: Al Dunning, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Martha Josey, Lynn Palm, Craig Cameron, Richard Winters, Mike Major, Barbra Schulte, Sandy Collier, Monty Bruce, Dick Pieper, Dr. Robert M. Miller, Dr. Juliet M. Getty, and more! LEARN FROM THE PROS!

Table of Contents

by Al Dunning
We are fortunate in Arizona to have 345 days of sunshine. I have been able to train successfully my whole career without having a covered or indoor arena.
by Chevy (Siobhan) Allen
In training horses, if we can encourage curiosity, we can teach our horse faster without causing fear.
by Doug Lindgren
This spring Jody and I begin our sixteenth year hosting our guests at HayCreek Ranch. In that amount of time,I can tell you we’ve seen a lot of things that you would never think of.
by David Slipka
Your Horse’s nose is connected to your horse’s front feet. Or at least it should be. Direction is oftentimes a missed direction.
by Martha Josey
Hauling and seasoning are as much a part of training as the practice pen at home. A horse needs to get used to different grounds, various arena sizes, crowds, noises, lights, other horses, and travel to become a champ.
by Craig Moore
For a long time, I didn’t understand how to build confidence in a horse. I would hear people talk about it and would wonder what it meant at its very roots.
by Richard Winters
Now for me, this was one of the hardest exercises to master as it was kind of counter intuitive because I thought I knew how to side-pass my horse.
by Barbra Schulte
We’ve talked about getting into the swing of showing. I’ve also said that while I might talk about ‘showing’ that it can be anytime you want to ride at your best and you’re riding with others.
by Clinton Anderson
Do you feel like you’re playing a game (and losing) every time you try to mount your horse?
by Craig Cameron
As I’ve said before, the one thing you must have to train any horse is forward movement.
by Julie I. Fershtman
Rider rents a horse from a stable, instructor, or dude ranch. Rider falls and is hurt, allegedly due to saddle that slipped.
by Mike Major
Like so many people, when I first started showing my horses, I wanted to hurry through the maneuvers. Here are a few things I’ve learned about spins since then.
by Lynn Palm
The greatest advantage of the Western Dressage discipline is that you know what you have to do with each levels and test.
by Dick Pieper
How well the horse progresses in his training by getting better at reading the rider’s cues and learning responses that gain release from pressure is almost entirely dependent upon three factors.
by Sandy Collier
I’ll describe this exercise, then provide trouble-shooting information (because you’ll be working to develop collection and steering).
by Caroline Niederman, VMD
32 Equine Leg Magic

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