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Barrel Racers . . . Have you Joined this group?



Frosty & Filly from 2013 laura larsenToday though, I wanted to get really personal and clear about what being a TRUE “horseman” REALLY means.

I figure if we want to be intentional about the WAY we go about achieving our goals, then we need to have a picture for that, almost like a personal vision statement of guiding principles we live, ride, and compete by.

It’s  easy  to get caught up in  trends  or doing something with (to) your horse because  everyone else is doing it.”    But when you know what you stand for (and why), then you’re not as likely to veer off track.

As with many other areas, the key is balance.   Like the quote from Carl Sagan says – “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

You might be familiar with  indecisive feelings  surrounding  what to do  and  when  at a barrel race ““ from parking the trailer to how you warm up!    When I think of a confident barrel racer, she’s NOT wishy washy.

Second guessing and hesitation is NO FUN.   But it comes from a lack of clarity.   The more you learn, the more experiences you have, and the more perspective you’ll gain, the more black and white things become ““ allowing you to really step into BEING the jockey your horse needs.

My mission is to help you take some ethical “shortcuts” to get there, so you don’t have to learn the hard way! (Trust me on this!)

Finally, I decided to bring today’s insights together under the title of “Horsemanship Before Sportsmanship ““ Eight Priorities that Pay Off“ because even though “foundation” and “horsemanship” is already drilled into us over and over AND it’s easy to sit back and think “Yeah, I get it ““ I already KNOW that!” – I find every day that there is SO MUCH MORE I realize even I HADN’T been getting”¦ and honestly  that’s the case for everyone (who’s really honest and committed to never-ending learning anyway)-   no matter how much they’ve achieved.

The principles I shared in today’s new Pro Members post, and whether you resonate with them, says a lot about who you are – not only as a barrel racer, but as a person.

While I don’t want to come across as critical, I DO believe that we have to be particular (especially with horses). After all, like Aaron Tippin once sang, “You’ve got to stand for somethin’ or you’ll fall for anything!”  

If YOU get pumped about the content share, then I want to give you a virtual “high five,” because I think it suggests there is even greater possibility for us to work and ride together in new and more up close and personal ways going forward (more to come on that in the months ahead). 😉

For now, I hope the message I’ve shared in today’s new article excites you, educates you, AND brings you greater clarity for your  path  ““ one that leads to the pay window over and over, of course!

Visit the Discussion Forum where I’ve shared some of my best recommendations and resources for “prioritizing what pays!”   I’ll be back next week with another FREE post, but if you’re ready to access Horsemanship Before Sportsmanship ““ Eight Priorities that Pay Off“ and aren’t a Pro Member yet,  go to my site to learn more about the benefits of membership.

Until then – remember (Applied) Knowledge is POWER!

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