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“Buck” the Film



On a recent road-trip we took the opportunity to watch a pre-released movie documentary of “BUCK”, about horse trainer Buck Brannaman.

We were on our way to Maryland and could have attended the premier in Washington DC or in New York City. Unfortunately our schedules didn’t match up with the events. The day the movie played in NYC we were in Maryland (right next to Washington D.C., and the day we were in NYC the movie played in D.C.) So we watched the movie on our computer while traveling down the road. Let me make it clear that the driver listened while I watched. Lucky me.

We loved the movie directed by talented, first time director Cindy Meehl.   The documentary has beautiful cinematography, is exceptionally well done, and tells a compelling story of this genuine “horse whisperer”.

The film covers not only Buck’s approach to horses and their owner’s relationship with them, but also his life. Watching the film made us instant a fans of this soft spoken gentle cowboy. Buck grew up with an abusive father and has transferred what he felt as a child into how the horse must feel the first time a human climbs on their back – terrified. Mr. Brannaman has dedicated his life to   teaching others how to respect and gain the respect and trust of their horse through patience and gentleness. It is an amazing thing to watch. Even those who don’t own horses will be riveted to the screen.

If you get a chance to see “BUCK”, do it. It is well worth your time.
Buck says the horse is “a mirror to your soul” and “an extension of your body” and after watching Buck do ‘the dance’ with his horse, we totally understand what he means.

To see the trailer and to find out more about “BUCK” the Film, click here.