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Celebrity Ranch Sorting Experience in Oklahoma



Western Wishes Introduction

Sometimes a person is fortunate enough to participate in a worthwhile event, for a good cause, and have fun at the same time. It was my turn this past month, along with 31 other horse industry celebrities, as we competed with each other to raise money for the Western Wishes program.

The event was held at the RSNC Ranch Sorting National Championships in Ardmore Oklahoma. The Western Wishes Celebrity Sort fundraiser was a great way to have fun and raise money for kids that are critically ill, severely injured, or physical challenged and love the western way of life. Over $7,500 was raised for this wonderful charity.

Larry Mahan and Rahn Greimann

One of the highlights of the evening was to meet and ride with some cowboy legends such as Larry Mahan and to spend time with on horseback with Dale Steege of United Vet Supply, one of our valued customers. More than that I consider him as one of my friends and now a sorting mentor. He helped to spot the cattle numbers when I rode and borrowed me a better bit for the event.

Rahn on Cavallo with Dale Steege in the background

My other partners that I was fortunate to spend time with working were Alan and Cindy Talyor of and my horse Cavallo.   We were web-casting the sorting event live through out the week. I took Cavallo down to learn on and compete with.   I have been training him for sometime now and we were both rookies at this event.

Prayer on Horseback

One of the attributes of the cowboy way is that no matter how rough and tumble the events and way of life might be, true cowboys are God fearing and very patriotic.   With the help of God, cowboys helped to tame the Wild West and feed its people, strengthening this great country that we call home. The land of the free and brave.   Even my horse Cavallo seems to know when to bow his head when a prayer is being offered for the safety and welfare of the participants and our country.

Ranch Sorting

I would encourage others to contribute to the Western Wishes program and to spend time with your horse and friends.   If you are really fortunate you will be able to do it with your family and loved ones.

May God Bless you

Photos by Jim Davis Photography,, Event photographer