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Coto Equestrian Center Steps Into The Future With State-Of-The-Art Equine Simulator, Advanced Training Methods and $1.5 Million in Upcoming Upgrades



Show Jumping simulatorSituated in the exclusive private community of  Coto  de Caza, the  CotoEquestrian Center is fast earning a reputation as one of the nation’s leading training facilities.     Internationally recognized dressage instructor Barbro Ask-Upmark, said that she was drawn to the “extraordinary facility” for its great location, world-class arenas and plans for an upcoming $1.5 million improvement project.

She even brought with her “Dante Maximus,” an equine simulator and the only one in the world that can perform Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping.   Ask-Upmark, who owns Dante Maximus, worked with its manufacturer and inventor, Racewood, in developing and fine-tuning the  state-of-the-art  machine.

“Pilots and many professional athletes use simulators for skill enhancement,” said Ask-Upmark.   “For sports as intricate and complex as dressage and jumping, it makes particular sense.”

Dante Maximus has proven popular not only with experienced riders, but beginners, the disabled, and those who have had accidents and fear getting back in the saddle.   Riders of all levels and disciplines can hone, define and perfect their skills as this “horse” is precise and “obedient” at all times.

“Dante only does what the rider wants and can endlessly practice any movements or jumps without tiring a real horse,” she said.   “Such training imprints and ingrains proper techniques, which are then transmitted to the horses. This invaluable tool saves precious horses from injuries, frustration, and dangerous behaviors.   It is astounding how Dante Maximus moves and jumps exactly like a real horse, while giving instant feedback as to use of the seat, reins, legs and timing.”

Coto  Equestrian Center offers training programs that cater to riders of all abilities. Silver-Bronze Corporation, the Landlord at  Coto  Equestrian Center, announced a plan for $1.5 million in improvements that will include the new Plaza Barn, Hunt & Saddle Lounge, Event Lounge, Equestrian Office, significant and extensive drought-tolerant landscaping and soon a new address — One Equestrian Center Road.

Says  Coto  Equestrian Center’s Co-Operator and Tenant Robin Borders, “We are thrilled to welcome Dante Maximus and look forward to all of the spectacular improvements to our Equestrian Center.”

Coto Equestrian Center has a storied history including hosting the 1984 Olympic Games’ Pentathalon event, where the U.S. won Silver and Bronze medals. For more information or to schedule an appointment for training on Dante Maximus, call 949-635-6958.

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