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Aaron Ralston

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My obsession is riding and training Reined Cowhorses. The challenge of perfecting three very different events (cutting, reining, fence work) while providing my horse with a reason for stopping, spinning, changing leads….etc is my idea of living the dream.
As I travel throughout the world for competitions, expos and clinics I am finding more and more people that share these same feelings and desires. However, due to the lack of knowledge, cattle, or awareness, many people never have the opportunity to live their dream. Anytime someone tries to introduce an equine sport into a new region, they find themselves donating a great deal of time, money, and energy towards creating the unity needed to support healthy growth. More often than not, the wind leaves their sail before attaining their goal.
I have had the opportunity to work clinics and expos up and down the east coast. I am amazed at the large amount of interest in the reining, cowhorse, roping and cutting events! The common problem I see is not the cattle or knowledge or organization but the organization! Numerous associations have been started and just as many have disappeared due to the large amount of support needed. We have two major associations that support and promote the reined cowhorse, the AQHA and the NRCHA. The trial and errors that will inevitably occur have been ironed out by these associations. The support and knowledge that they offer to new affiliates only strengthens them and provides unity among those of us with similar interest. If you read this and have a specific interest, find a major association and ask them for help! Do not feel embarrassed or shy! They want you and will work to help you become involved in the healthiest manner they can. Reach out and find the other people in this world that enjoy the same equine activities as you. If you feel alone, DON’T! I guarantee there are more CRAZY people like you and me out there than you think!

Stay tuned, sit back, and enjoy “The Ride”,

Aaron Ralston

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