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Crowds at Expos were Strong and “Buying”



By Rahn Greimann, Owner & Publisher of Performance Horse Digest &


Richard Winters and Rahn Greimann

I experienced this first hand as I received my annual blistered feet from distributing magazines at multiple locations during the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin and the Minnesota Horse Expo in St. Paul, MN. Both shows did an excellent job of presenting the horse industry to their respective areas.

We were blessed again this year, as three of our contributors were clinicians at these fine events. Richard Winters and Al Dunning were draws for the Midwest Horse Fair and Ken McNabb was one of the head presenters for the MN Horse Expo. It was a fun couple of weekends and our friendships became stronger as we were able to spend more time together.

I didn’t have a booth at the Wisconsin show because my grandchildren live 15 minutes from the show grounds at Madison and we always spend quality time together at the Horse Fair. This year Grandma Shelly and I took four of them to the show by ourselves, because our fifth granddaughter, Charlotte, was only a couple weeks old and needed to stay home. Life doesn’t get much better than enjoying time together and having the opportunity to show off my family as a proud Papa to Al, Richard and Cheryl, and other friends and associates. We did have magazine racks in our contributors’ booths – Al Dunning, Richard Winters, and Doug Lindgren, as well as our friend and customer, Nancy Duggan.

At the MN Horse Expo we had a booth as well as we purchased the right to have magazine racks in the main doorways and traffic areas. We put thousands of magazines into horse enthusiast homes again this year.

I took time to talk with the vendors that I know and trust to inquire about how their product sales were going. Several commented that their Friday sales were stronger than they had been in the past. As a rule I feel that people were buying a variety of products and sales were strong. One vendor that I always track sells high quality tack that he makes himself. His tack always goes to work and it is a good indicator of the serious horse owner and their use. His sales were up this year.

I am very encouraged that people want to use their horses and are willing to keep buying products, as well as have a desire to keep learning more about them. On the same note, it appears that the price for quality horses and stallion services are increasing this year. After the past several years, all these indicators are welcome and point to a stronger horse economy. We will pray that this trend continues for everyone’s success.

Hopefully the long winter months in our area will end and we will be able to enjoy our horses and families outside. May you enjoy the same type of happiness with all of yours, wherever they may be.

Rahn Griemann
Owner and Publisher of Performance Horse Digest &

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