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How To Know If Your Horse is Collected



How do you know if your horse is collected? Trainer Tommy Garland addresses this question and more is his article “Collection 101” in the March 2011 Issue of Horse Digest.

Tommy Garland

Tommy says that, collection is the principle of moving your horse forward by driving the hind end to the front end.
All of your horses power comes from the hind end. You don’t want your horse to pull himself forward with his front legs while dragging his hind end. In order to be truly collected, the power in his hind end should be driving him forward. Ultimately a horse that won’t engage their hind end won’t be collected.

So, how do you know if your horse is collected? There are several key items that will help you know if your horse is collected and several exercises and conditioning that needs to take place to make that happen.

To read the article in its entirety go to: “Collection 101” by Tommy Garland Pages 42 & 43 in the March 2011 issue of Horse Digest.