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Is a Foaling Assistant the Answer?



Przewalskis-horse-foal-playing-in-meadowThe Personal Touch

If constantly monitoring your own mare is not an option, consider finding a breeding farm that offers foaling services. Many facilities have staff who monitor mares around the clock, and some even have a vet on staff for emergency situations. Do you research, though, as some farms only accept outside mares that are in foal or being bred back to stallions standing at the facility.
If sending a mare somewhere else to foal is not an option, consider hiring a foaling attendant. Experienced foaling attendants know the signs of impending birth, the complications that can arise and what to do in emergency situations. A local veterinarian may be able to recommend a reputable and trustworthy foaling attendant for hire, but be ready to compensate them for their valued service.
Excerpt from Quarter Horse News, December 15, 2014

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