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LIFELINE Challenge Update



By Jennifer Fjelstad

The LIFELINE Challenge began this May when trainer Craig Johnson started two young horses on the same training program, with one exception – “Cat” would get LIFELINE Equine Performance Supplements, and “Abby” would be on a traditional health management program.

And now months later, “Cat” and “Abby” recently headed off to their first major futurity show. While Craig was extremely pleased with how both performed, Cat definitely had the edge.

LifeLine Challenge - Cat & Abby

LifeLine Challenge – Cat & Abby

Before the show, both horses were feeling good, and both schooled good. They were taking in their surroundings, adapting to the change of environment that comes with going to a major show. Mentally they were both adjusting well, but Cat had an easier time. An extremely important part of showing and adapting to show environments is being mentally strong. It is hard for a horse to have that mental strength if they are dealing with other physical stresses.

Cat hasn’t had to deal with any health issues throughout training – no soreness and no symptoms of ulcers. Abby was a bit crankier in adapting to the chaos of the show environment. She also had to deal with some soreness issues and symptoms indicating ulcers. Craig treated Abby with ulcer medication. So far, the cost of medical treatment for Abby is over $850 more than what has been spent for Cat.

Cat was doing so well with LIFELINE that after the show Craig decided to put Abby on LIFELINE Elite as well. Within a couple weeks they started seeing a noticeable difference in Abby. She had a better attitude and was feeling better. She was trying harder when training, and much more comfortable doing so. There has also been consistency in the outcomes that he is getting from her now that she is not dealing with the physical discomfort of ulcers.

Young horses are always a gamble. You can never be sure what you are going to get no matter how well you know the bloodlines and the breeding. All we can do is hope is train horses to be the best horse they can be and rid them of any of the physical and mental hindrances that may get in their way. LIFELINE has helped take several of those stumbling blocks out of the equation and has cleared the path to success for both of these horses. LIFELINE helps prevent physical discomfort that can deter a horse from being the best horse it can be.


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