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November 2021 – Performance Horse Digest



Performance Horse, November 2021

Performance Horse, November 2021

★ Performance Horse Digest ★ Tips for Novice to Serious Competitors ★ Featuring top trainers and competitors in the industry!

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Performance Horse Digest – Featuring: Al Dunning, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Martha Josey, Lynn Palm, Craig Cameron, Richard Winters, Mike Major, Barbra Schulte, Sandy Collier, Monty Bruce, Dick Pieper, Dr. Robert M. Miller, Dr. Juliet M. Getty, and more! LEARN FROM THE PROS!

Table of Contents

by Al Dunning
I recently had a question asking, “how do I develop feel with my horse”.
by Chevy (Siobhan) Allen
Burdens, hardships, crisis and other negative situations will happen. It is simply a fact of life.
by Doug Lindgren
In past articles I’ve talked about feel, timing, consistency, and patience.
by David Slipka
Do you know what Horses want from human beings… LEADERSHIP.
by Clinton Anderson
If you know your horse has a tendency to turn a leisurely trail ride into an all-out race, set the situation up at home so that you can safely correct him before taking him out on the trail.
by Jason Irwin
Crossing water is one of those things that’s either fun to do with your horse or it’s exasperating – there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground.
by Martha Josey & Ashley Schenck
Last year Texas was hit with an savage winter storm that blanketed the state in snow for a week.
by Richard Winters
Over the last twenty years, Horsemanship Clinics have become very popular with horse enthusiasts.
by Genna Gallaher
It’s been proven and we all agree that horses are creatures of habit, products of their environment in many ways.
by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.
You already know that the answer is supposed to be, “yes.”
by Barbra Schulte
I love this time of year. It’s unique in so many ways. The weather is refreshing, the colors are gorgeous and there’s a lot of change going on.
by Sandy Collier
In my last article, I explained one of my favorite drills called The Run Around.
by Craig Cameron
Weaving backward through the cones is a good exercise to sharpen your horse’s back-up.
by Dennis Cappel
The roaming horses of America are intriguing creatures. I would like to share with you how these horses have influenced my perspective of them.
by Ken McNabb
My Dad always says “into every life a little rain must fall.” As many of you may know, on August 27th, 2021 I was in the wrong spot at the wrong time and had a horse break my leg.
by Mike Major
Here’s something I do to help lighten my horse in the stop when he seems a little heavy in hand.
by Lynn Palm
Anxiety and nervousness affect riders at all skill levels, but this doesn’t have to hold you back.
by The Horseman’s Mind
“Christmas for Cowboys” by John Denver. To this day, I remember the first time I heard that song and the chills that went through my heart.
by Dick Pieper
At this point, I have talked a lot about stops, but not much about rollbacks.


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