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Volume 4, Issue 10 Horse Digest



Improving Your Horsemanship by Richard Winters

Why do Horses Pull Back? Part 1 by Pat Parelli

Ask Al by Al Dunning

Breeding Horses; living the dream or
creating a nightmare?
by Aaron Ralston

One Rein Stops: Your Emergency Brakes by Clinton Anderson

Stallion Manners by Ken McNabb

and many more”¦




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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Carole

    December 5, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    I would like to comment about Rahn Griemann’s comments about the danger he personally found himself in when he found out how dangerous it can be when you have riders racing off, away from the group of horses and how some horses go into panic mode. He was commenting about how other issues have pointed out some other dangers but his was one he personally found himself in. I would like to also see an article published about how dangerous it is for people to sell “green” hores to beginner riders or riders getting back into horses after years away. My personal experience happened twice to me. Both times these horses were sold to me (an older rider getting back into horses after a 30 year break) as very safe for me – when in fact neighter one was – and it could have turned out very badly for both me and the horses. Fortunately I found them both good homes with the proper level of riders on their backs. I also finally found someone who told me the truth and sold me a horse very well suited for me to get back into riding again. These people that sell these green horses as well suited for a beginner rider should realize just how badly things could end up. Talk about dangerous. Thanks.

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