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Supplemental Salt, by Dr. Juliet M. Getty



Getty in barn small high res-1Horses Need Supplemental Salt Year Round
Regardless of the weather, horses require a daily supply of salt.  In cold seasons, salt helps promote enough water consumption to prevent dehydration.  In warm seasons, salt replaces what is lost from perspiration.  A full-sized horse requires at least one ounce (two level tablespoons or 30 ml) of salt each day for maintenance, providing 12 grams of sodium.  Heat, humidity, and exercise increase the horse’s need.

There are several ways to accomplish this.  The best ways include offering free-choice granulated salt, or adding salt to your horse’s meal (for palatability, limit the amount to no more than 1 tablespoon per meal).  A salt block should be available should your horse want more.  A plain, white salt block is preferable, but many horses do not lick it adequately since it can be irritating to the tongue.  Mineralized blocks often go untouched due to their bitter taste; however, a Himalayan salt block is often preferred.  Calculate the amount of sodium your horse is getting from any commercial feeds or supplements and add salt accordingly. Always have fresh water nearby.

Information for this article extracted from Dr. Getty’s website.  For more information, call, email, or contact Dr. Getty through her links below:

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