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The North Central Working Western Celebration



The North Central Working Western CelebrationThe idea of joining forces for the greater good has been around for a long time. The North Central Working Western Celebration is a prime example of several people, breeds and associations coming together to offer a competitive arena with nonstop excitement for every venue of horse enthusiasts. One thing those involved in the equine industry have in common, regardless of breed, discipline or association, is the love and respect for the horse and the joy of good competition.  There is nothing better than a great conversation with a fellow colleague about the sport you love, no matter the background.  The Working Western Celebration is going to provide the perfect backdrop to all of the above. Known for having an engaged and passionate equine community, Madison, Wisconsin will be hosting this this year’s rapidly growing event at the Alliant Energy Center. Judy Frankel, Director of Public Relations and Communications, Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau, Madison, WI expressed excitement for the opportunity to host such diverse event. Madison has drawn thousands of people to the Alliant Energy Center every April for decades to attend the Midwest Horse Fair.

The North Central Working Western Horse Celebration show is scheduled for Aug. 11-14, 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin. Show, sponsor or volunteer.

Sandy Woerle first envisioned this melting pot of a show several years ago knowing the importance for the horse industry as a whole, to work together and grow all areas of interest and participation. “All breeds are stagnating and all need to look over the fence at their neighbors and work together.” says Sandy. Her good friend and colleague, Eleanor Hamilton, Eleanor’s Arabians, immediately supported Sandy and her idea to bring together several arenas of performance horse competition among Quarter Horses, Arabians, Half Arabians and several other breeds. This vision mirrored what Eleanor pioneered several years ago by owning numerous successful Arabians, Half Arabian and Quarter Horses. Eleanor has represented very well how these worlds can come together.

The North Central Reined Cowhorse Association and several of its members have played a pivotal role by offering their expertise integrating Reined Cow Horse, Reining, Roping and several other classes into one phenomenal show. Having strong resources and support in place to move forward, the show became a reality and was hosted for the first time at Cannon Falls, MN in 2014, 2015 in St. Paul, MN and The Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI for 2016.

The Alliant Energy Center is the kind of facility every association would love to host their events at, offering all of the desired amenities. Because there is enough space and enough expertise involved the Working Western Celebration is able to do the things other shows might not be able to. For example with the Arabian Breed they were offered performance horse halter and ranch horse pleasure before they were recognized breed association classes, now they are recognized. This year The Celebration will be bringing in the POAs and offering non-pro classes for 19 -39 and 40 and over. They won’t get national breed recognition points, but this is an area where POA could grow and Working Western Celebration is offering a platform/arena for them to do that.   There will be plenty of crowd drawing excitement. Especially Saturday night, Reined Cow Horse exhibitors will be going down the fence for the finals in the futurity, which will have $10,000 added money. These working horses regardless of breed, know their stuff and all are being judged on the same criteria.   The coliseum will be the site of a freestyle reining, NRHA approved event along with Open costume. Appaloosas will have their Native American Heritage class and the Arabians are going to do an exhibition with their native costume. All of these are huge “Don’t Miss” events the Madison population and horse enthusiasts from all over will be thrilled to be a part of. “As exhibitors, this is what we want, people to see our horses!” is a sentiment that is shared among many.

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