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Three Quick Tips for Learning and Improving Balance



Just think of the young circus schools they have these days that take young children and TEACH THEM everything they need, including balance. This isn’t a skill that they come with sometimes, but they can LEARN it, just like any other skill. And, when balance becomes lost completely due to injury or illness then a person can LEARN to balance again. If they can do it”¦we can too”¦here’s some quick tips to help:

One foot in front
Firstly, MAKE SURE YOU SUPPORT YOURSELF SAFELY WITH YOUR HAND FIRST! This might seem so simple you might not want to try it, but simply stand up and put one foot in front of the other. But make sure that your feet are dead straight!  If you find it easy”¦close your eyes!  This is something you can practice while you’re lined up at Target or Walmart! If you take it a bit further”¦put you foot out as high as you can in front of you when you clean your teeth!

Stand Up!
Even if you can only lean forward and pat your horse, the more you can stand up fully, the better your heels, your lower leg, your balance, your co-ordination & confidence. Especially good for beginners & prior to flying changes to really learn an independent seat.

Cheapest lesson ever!
You truly won’t believe what a small circular trampoline can teach you!
You don’t need to do huge moves, just be SAFE and do little bits every day. But don’t just “˜bounce up and down’..trying holding a dressage whip or stick and keep the bottom still on the trampoline and hold the top of the whip with your thumb on top and see if you can bounce up and down and keep your hand & the whip STILL”¦just like trot! And can you do it to trot music (e.g. Elton John’s Crocodile Rock).
It’s INCREDIBLE. Cheapest riding lesson you’ll ever have!
taken directly from: International Society of Rider Biomechanics,

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