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The Unicorn Princess, a horse-riding adventure in the Dream World



The Unicorn Princess
The Unicorn Princess xbox one
The Unicorn Princess, a horse-riding adventure in the Dream World
Lesquin, France, November 15, 2019 – Bigben and Toplitz Productions are delighted to announce that the game The Unicorn Princess is now available on PC (Steam), Xbox OnePlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™. 

Isn’t it every horse lover’s dream to ride a majestic unicorn? In The Unicorn Princess, a game that expertly combines an equestrian simulation and adventure game, young players embark on an epic quest that blurs the lines between real and imaginary worlds. The game takes an original approach of traveling between worlds where the player must take care of their horses and roam a fantasy land. In the real world, players become a skilled young horse rider, eager to help residents of their village and take care of their horses. In the Dream World, the player becomes a heroic princess helping Unica the unicorn to save the guardian of the Dream World.
Unicorn Princess farm


Through this mechanic of traveling between worlds, The Unicorn Princess simultaneously offers two types of gameplay. Players can explore a vast open-world, take care of horses and complete missions in the real world. Then, after a quest has been completed, the player can answer the call of Unica the unicorn and enter the Dream World for epic adventures.

·       A game designed for young players (ages 6-10)
·       Advanced customization of your avatar and horses with a wide range of options
·       Freely roam a vast open world
·       Travel between worlds and experience varied gameplay and environments
·       Escape into the magical world of dreams and set out on incredible adventures with Unica the unicorn
·       15 different missions in an expansive family game

The Unicorn Princess is now available on PC (Steam), Xbox OnePlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™Find us on Twitter and YouTube.

About Bigben
Bigben, a leading publisher of video games on PC and consoles, is known for its creativity and innovation. After its acquisition of four development studios (Cyanide, Eko, KT Racing, and Spiders), which are all internationally recognized for their expertise in different genres, Bigben is strengthening its position as a developer and publisher of premium games and is aiming to become the world’s leading AA publisher.

About Toplitz
Located in Irding, near the mysterious Lake Toplitz in the heart of Austria, Toplitz Productions is currently working on new titles. We develop PC and console games that are full of the heart, soul, and love we put into them.

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