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Volume 11 Issue 1 – Performance Horse Digest



★ Tips for Novice to Serious Competitors ★ Featuring top trainers and competitors in the industry!


Performance Horse Digest Volume 11, Issue 1

Performance Horse Digest Volume 11, Issue 1

Performance Horse Digest – Whether you’re subscribed to the print version or not, you can view the magazine online completely for free on your iPad, iPhone, Android or any other mobile device or laptop.


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Performance Horse Digest – Featuring: Al Dunning, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Martha Josey, Lynn Palm, Craig Cameron, Richard Winters, Mike Major, Barbra Schulte, Sandy Collier, Monty Bruce, Dick Pieper, Dr. Robert M. Miller, Dr. Juliet M. Getty, and more! LEARN FROM THE PROS!


Table of Contents

8 Cow Sense & Training by Al Dunning
Aside from the right mindset, a reined cow horse must have an inborn ability to read and respond to cattle. The level of innate cow sense a prospect has usually determines how good—or how great—that horse has the potential to become.
18 Either You Can or You Can’t…Either Way You Are Right! by David Slipka
I’ve had the -opportunity- to train horses and learn from a variety of folks, not just in the roping pen. I get the Kids that want to, learn to rope, either calves or steers.
22 Liberty Training and the -Performance- Horse by Dan James
Liberty training is often overlooked by many as nothing more than circus tricks.
26 Fueling the Fire to -Win by Martha Josey
It is easy to become discouraged when you find yourself at the end of the year without much improvement or having accomplished little compared to the previous year.
28 What To Do Before Each Part of Your Ride by Barbra Schulte
Have you ever heard of Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One?” According to Wikipedia he is the leading all-time scorer in the National Hockey League. He’s been called the greatest hockey player ever with more goals and assists than any other hockey player.
32 Riding Boots by Robert M. Miller, DVM
In 1949 my father gave me a Christmas present; a pair of kangaroo cowboy boots. They were handsome but a size too large. No matter! I only used them for riding.
34 Equine Law – Equine Contracts & Genetic Conditions: Horse Owners Beware by Julie I. Fershtman
Because some horse breeds are known to be predisposed to certain genetic conditions, mare owners typically scrutinize the risks before making breeding decisions. They evaluate stallions’ histories, offspring, conformation, health and pedigrees.
48 Just Ask! by Doug Lindgren
Have you ever been in a situation where you were in new or unfamiliar territory? Maybe your coach was out of players for a certain position and you were the only one on the bench, so he asks you to fill the spot.
52 Trailering – Potential Problems by Craig Cameron
Once you make sure the trailer is a comfortable place for your horse, there are a few safety concerns and possible trouble spots that you should consider when he’s loaded.
56 In Hand – The Turn by Mike Major
When I handle a horse on the ground, I want to be able to turn him on his forehand or the hindquarters and in either direction. He already knows how to move his butt away from me and give me his head if I’ve handled him right catching him.
62 Lying Down on the Trail by Clinton Anderson
A horse that lies down and rolls while you’re working with him is very dangerous, because if you’re not quick enough to get out of the saddle, he can crush you and seriously injure you.
64 Readying the Rider by Lynn Palm
This is a continuation of our series on “training outside the box.” We have reviewed important steps to prepare for training on the trail In the last article you learned to recognize if a horse has inner energy and playfulness and how to release it
68 Hay Is Missing Key Nutrients by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.
Living pasture grasses and alfalfa are rich in fat and water-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, carbohydrates, and protein.
74 Backing-Up by Sandy Collier
The most impressive backup is straight and speedy. Some horses can almost trot backward, an impressive achievement that is rewarded by a judge for its higher degree of difficulty.
76 The First Ride by Dick Pieper
You want to very carefully engage your equine partner in conversation. It has often been said that the first things a horse learns stay with him for the rest of his life.
10 Why Thunder Mountain Equine? My Story. Sandy Caruso, Founder
60 The Legends Return by Christine HamiltonEditor, Western Horseman




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