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Volume 12 Issue 1 – Performance Horse Digest



★ Performance Horse Digest ★ Tips for Novice to Serious Competitors ★ Featuring top trainers and competitors in the industry!

Volume 12, Issue 1 Performance Horse Digest

Volume 12, Issue 1 Performance Horse Digest

Performance Horse Digest – Whether you’re subscribed to the print version or not, you can view the magazine online completely for free on your iPad, iPhone, Android or any other mobile device or laptop.

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Performance Horse Digest – Featuring: Al Dunning, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Martha Josey, Lynn Palm, Craig Cameron, Richard Winters, Mike Major, Barbra Schulte, Sandy Collier, Monty Bruce, Dick Pieper, Dr. Robert M. Miller, Dr. Juliet M. Getty, and more! LEARN FROM THE PROS!

Table of Contents

10 Seeds of Inspiration by Al Dunning
Part of inspiration is dreaming. Dreaming of greatness, of perhaps doing something you saw someone else do and were awed by, or even dreaming of doing something no one has ever done.

14 Dust Yourself Off andRide by Doug Lindgren
It seems like we have a new theme here at HCR-AZ, Ditched in the Desert.

18 Timing Is Everything by David Slipka
I was at a Team Roping in Arizona last year, waiting for my turn to rope and watching some guys roping steers.

22 Understanding Total Control by Martha Josey
Often times when control is mentioned pertaining to barrel horses, people are referring to their speed.

24 Thoughtful Ideas on How to Raise Your Scores And Help Shows Run More Efficiently At The Same Time by Mark Sheridan
TIP NUMBER FIVE: Showing on the rail in both Western and English events is always a big issue and every one has their opinions about what is right and wrong.

28 Trailer Terms 101 by Tom Scheve
TRAILER SIZE – If your horses don’t fit correctly in your trailer, they are at risk of injury and illness.

30 How to Stop Leaning by Barbra Schulte
Have you ever struggled with a pesky upper body that insists on leaning before and through the turn?

32 Cloverleaf Mayhem by Clinton Anderson
One of the first things to do when introducing your horse to riding in a group is to show him that you can still control his feet.

34 The Rollback by Monty Bruce
I was recently at a horse show and watched the vast majority of people struggling with a maneuver that was affecting their run and overall score.

36 Be Mindful With Your Horse by Chevy (Siobhan) Allen
Have you ever gotten your horse ready for a ride and rushed through tacking him up, since you knew you only had a short time to ride?

38 Cues – Your Hands by Craig Cameron
To be effective with your hands, you have to adjust your reins in a way that gives you total control and communication.

44 Body Control by Mike Major
A horse that’s soft and light in hand can be so willing to take his rider’s direction. But that willingness doesn’t mean a thing when the horse doesn’t understand the directions to move his body that his rider gives.

46 The “Barnsour” Horse by Robert M. Miller, DVM
It is easy to understand why so many horses are “Barnsour” or “Herdbound”. They are reluctant to leave home. Going out for a ride means a slow pace.

48 Tips for Trouble-Free Trailer Loading by Lynn Palm
Trailering is a big step. Not only are we dealing with loading our horse into a trailer, we will be driving and maneuvering a large vehicle (like a truck or SUV) and towing our precious cargo behind.

52 The Healthy, Older Horse by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.
Let me tell you about Bugsy. He was an Appendix Quarter Horse I rescued years ago.

54 Put Your Left Foot In by Daniel Dauphin
In a previous article, “You’ve Never Felt Like This Before, Probably…”, we discussed exercises to help you increase your feel of the feet and understanding their movement.

56 Common Equine Breeding Disputes and How To Avoid Them by Julie I. Fershtman
Horse breeding transactions can generate several disputes. Breeding contracts can prevent several disputes.

58 Boxing and Fence: Turns by Sandy Collier
In the last boxing/fence article, I wrote about the importance of leaving the corner well and rating the cow down the fence.

60 Basic Number One: Giving to Pressure from Side to Side by Dick Pieper
When a colt is to the point that he’s quiet and has accepted carrying the saddle and the rider’s weight, he’s ready to learn the basics.

37 West Coast Sorting Bowl Truck Winner Anna Braunschmidt

40 Wounds in Horses by Spencer Barber, DVM, DACVS

42 Welcome to Extreme Trail Horse Association

51 Stock Show Champion Versatility Horse Won by S. D. Ranch – for the Third Time

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