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Volume 9, Issue 1 Performance Horse Digest



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cover-1-16A Story for the New Year by Barbra Schulte

Hackamore Training: Ground Driving by Al Dunning

Baseball Diamond Exercise by Sandy Collier

Hauling and Seasoning by Martha Josey

Rodeo and Horsemanship by Richard Winters

Calming The Overanxious Horse In Speed Events by Clinton Anderson

Planning For Your Next Trip by Doug Lindgren

Understanding Horses by Craig Cameron

Performance Fundamentals: Pleasure Classes by Pat Parelli

Western Dressage: Keep Progressing by Lynn Palm

Your Mare’s Pregnancy: Nutrition for the Final 3 Months by Juliet M. Getty, Ph. D

Key Factors to Communication by Dick Pieper

Improve Roll Backs, Spins and Stops by Les Vogt

Training and the Effects of Tension on the Horse’s Performance by Jim Masterson

and many more!

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