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Barbra Schulte

Wait, Really Wait – by Barbra Schulte



Barbra Schulte

Barbra Schulte

There’s not one cutter reading this who hasn’t heard the word, “Wait!” Much of the time, the feeling behind the instruction is, “By gosh, I said WAIT!” (-:

When I say what I’m about to say, the concept itself (of waiting) is absolutely nothing new.   But getting to the bottom of the real essence of waiting might be new for you.   What I’m talking about is waiting and really letting go.

Let go and be an open slate.  Give the next move to the cow.   Give the move after that to your horse.   You have nothing to do in the “wait.”  You are truly waiting, and it feels like you are suspended in time.  You are not ahead of the cow.   You are not ahead of your horse.   You are totally in the moment.   In fact, all the next moments continue to be given to the cow and to the horse, too … all the way through the turn until you are on the line.

Your job is to keep your eyes on the cow and trust … trust the wait … trust your horse … trust the moment.

Next time you work a cow, say a mantra to yourself in the stop.   Tell yourself to, “Wait. Wait. Really wait … wait … it’s not my job to turn.   Wait on the cow.”

Keep your eyes softly on the cow … watching … simply watching and waiting for the cow’s next move.    When you get the feel of this, you are going to enjoy the calmness of that moment in which there’s nothing for you to do.

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