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Winner – Horsehoe Bracelet




Jewelry artist, Karen DeMarte & Performance Horse Digest are proud to announce the lucky winner of this month’s giveaway, Diane Killingsworth!

Diane said, “The Month of April reminds me that April Showers bring May Flowers, the snow is melting in the Cascades and in June I will be able to drive to my favorite camping spot to see what the Taylor Bridge Fire damaged.”

Visit Karen DeMarte’s Etsy store for more jewelry.   As always, we love hearing from you and we, too, are excited to jump (or crawl) back into the saddle after some cold and looong winter months!   …combing out our horses and mucking through spring mud — we’re loving it!   Happy May!   Stay tuned for our next giveaway.


Much Love, & Performance Horse Digest magazine

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