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Volume 13 Issue 6 – Performance Horse Digest



Performance Horse Digest, Volume 13, Issue 6

Performance Horse Digest, Volume 13, Issue 6

★ Performance Horse Digest ★ Tips for Novice to Serious Competitors ★ Featuring top trainers and competitors in the industry!


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Performance Horse Digest – Featuring: Al Dunning, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Martha Josey, Lynn Palm, Craig Cameron, Richard Winters, Mike Major, Barbra Schulte, Sandy Collier, Monty Bruce, Dick Pieper, Dr. Robert M. Miller, Dr. Juliet M. Getty, and more! LEARN FROM THE PROS!

Table of Contents

8 Climbing the Ladder to Success
by Marilyn Brandt (Al Dunning)
After 50 years as a professional trainer, I am very proud of all the men and women that have worked for me and have gone on to successful careers in the horse business.

12 Sometimes Positive Thinking Isn’t Possible
by Chevy (Siobhan) Allen
I’ve commonly coached that gritty riders don’t get stuck in negativity- they recognize negative thoughts and shift them to positive ones.

14 Finding the Forever Partner
by Doug Lindgren
Life with horses/mules is like life itself. Our equine friends elicit all of the
feelings and emotions we experience throughout our lives, so it’s no wonder we find ourselves wanting to be with them.

18 A Horse is a Horse and You…Are a Horse to a Horse
by David Slipka
The biggest problem I see with horses is they do not know you are NOT a horse.

20 Preparation, Planning and Maintenance
by Martha Josey
Every year as a child, my grandmother and my mother planted a garden.

22 What Kind of Brakes Do I Need on My Horse Trailer and Why?
by Tom Scheve
A friend of mine says I don’t need them. Is he right?

24 My Horse Bucks Going Into the Lope
by Jason Irwin
It’s not that uncommon to have a horse that wants to buck a bit going into the lope.

26 Can I Ride With Spurs?
by Richard Winters
Spurs are associated with horsemanship, right along-side bits and saddles. Yet there remains confusion and sometimes intimidation in regard to their use in some riders’ minds. This article is an attempt to “demystify” spurs and discuss who should use them along with when and how.

28 If She Can Do It – I Can Too
by Barbra Schulte
You’ve probably heard me say that nothing happens on the outside of us until it happens on the inside of us first.  

30 Problem Solving on the Trail: Beat A Spook
by Clinton Anderson
From time to time, your horse is going to spook at objects on the trail. He might spook at a sign, a bush, a rock formation … the objects he could potentially spook at are endless.

33 Real Fiber
by Harlan R. Anderson, DVM
Why does a horse need fiber in their diet? Horses are herbivores. Their digestive system digests fiber or forages for their nutritional needs.

34 Good Beginnings
by Craig Cameron
A few days back, a neighbor came and asked me to come over because he was having trouble with a two-year-old filly.

38 Ranch Versatility – Transitions and Stops
by Mike Major
The ranch-riding pattern in the versatility class has both upward and downward transitions, and a judge docks you points for breaking gait.

39 How to (Legally) Brand Your Horse
by Julie I. Fershtman
The reasons for state government regulation of livestock brands are just as valid today as they were a century ago.

40 Why is Western Dresssage Such a Popular New Discipline?
by Lynn Palm
In 1997, I tried to upgrade my  business of training and competing with horses in multiple disciplines into something else by changing my approach to basic training.

44 Circling Turns in a Fence Run
by Sandy Collier
Finally, there’s clarity on the circling turn!

46 Circles and Lead Changes – Part 1
by Dick Pieper
“I never want a horse to relate a change of lead to a change in


43 Prisma Develops the First-Ever Functional Full-Body Equine
Veterinary Imaging System for a Standing Conscious Horse

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