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Equibet Giveaway! Win beautiful horse inspired photo artwork for your home!





Thanks for participating!   Winners will be announced NOV. 21st.   Stay tuned…!


We just discovered Equibet on facebook and fell in love with their artwork!   So much so that we decided to launch our blog-giveaway series with a free custom-made poster from Equibet Photography! Equibet makes word-based posters out of horse inspired photos that resemble letters of the alphabet.   Think it’s brilliant?   We think so too!   Not only is the idea fabulous, but the photography is beautiful and creative.

All you have to do to *enter to win is answer this question in the comment section of our blog…

[box] If you win the Equibet giveaway, what word would you choose to be displayed on your walls? [/box]

The lucky winner will be announced on Nov. 21st.   Comments will be closed at 10pm Nov. 20th.   Have fun!   But first, we took a few minutes to get to know Equibet Photography’s creator Jan Taylor…


Tell us a bit about yourself!

 I was born and raised in the U.K. now living in SC. I have a very understanding husband, two beautiful daughters, four horses, two dogs (rescues), seven cats (5 of them are rescues), three chickens, three Koi and a broken tractor as the wheel fell off while my youngest daughter was driving it 😉 I guess you could say I’ve been a horse lover since about the age of 2 as apparently I had this huge push-a-long horse on wheels that I insisted on sleeping with every night. I have always dabbled in photography but started getting serious about it four years ago. I’m now a Professional Photographer mainly specializing in photographing what I love … horses!

What inspired you to create word-based posters out of horse related photos?

Just over two years ago I came across a vendor who was taking photos of architectural elements that resembled letters and creating words with them. I spent many sleepless nights, hours, weeks and months trying to think of equine items that did the same.

How long did it take you to build up your library of photos for each letter of the alphabet?

Approximately six months. I am extremely lucky to have very patient and supportive friends who would ride for me while I took hundreds of shots of their horse’s legs trying to get that perfect “N” “M” etc. There were many trips to many barns too and then I would have to return as the angle of a shot I had taken just wasn’t quite right. Did I say I have very patient friends? The library of photos will be a continual work in progress as I plan on taking many more photos to include all disciplines and want to concentrate on more artistic shots.

Were there any letters you found particularly challenging?

There were quite a few! The K’s, N’s, Z’s and R’s were challenging. My goal was to get five shots of each letter without manipulating items to form them. I have to admit I pushed the strap of the spur just a little bit!

What is your favorite photo?

I have quite a few but I would say my absolute favorite artistically is the Z on the stall door with the moody lighting.


So, how about it?

[box] ENTER TO WIN by answering this question in the comments section below:     If you win the Equibet giveaway, what word would you choose to be displayed on your walls? [/box]

Good luck!

“Dressage” by Equibet Photography

“I {heart} Horses” by Equibet Photography

*We use to choose winners. All entries at are created equal. 😉